Our group Surfskate classes at the Madrid Río skatepark are designed for basic and intermediate levels. Our monitors will always adapt to you.

Our method developed over the years since 2011 , works in a progressive and controlled way, we will advance little by little, and we will not move on to the next exercise until we see you comfortable.

In this group surfskate class at the skatepark, we will work on your technique, your style, and most importantly your flow, so that you can flow along the walls of the skatepark like when you go, or should go, on a wave. All the exercises have been developed thinking about the sea, about surfing, and all of them have their transfer to the water.

It is oriented for students 18 years of age and older.

Surfskate classes at skatepark include Accident insurance , and Civil Liability Insurance .

Hours : Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

• Material : for Skatepark classes it is mandatory that you have your material, board, helmet and protections.

• Price : 20 euros.

Place : Skatepark Madrid Río, in Legazpi.

Duration : one hour per class.

• Contact : Jacobo 647066320.


Try our surfskate classes at the Madrid Río skatepark , you will repeat for sure!