Our Basic Level Surfskate Group Classes for parents and children are designed for those who have never tried surfskate before or are still at a very basic level giving their first classes.

It is an ideal time to create a solid bond between parents and children by sharing an activity as fun and fashionable as surfskate is, for children it is very important to see how their parents get involved with them, and for parents it is very gratifying to see how children develop and learn a new activity. 

Starting a sport with a good foundation and the correct technique is essential to be able to evolve and move quickly towards excellence. Being the first Surfskate School in Spain has allowed us to develop our own teaching method that we have been transmitting to all our students since 2011. .

The Group Surfskate Classes for Parents and Children are aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old . For more ages you can now go to our Adult Group Classes.

If you only want to sign up for one child, select "1" in the number of students section, add students by family member, if there are more children, the father or mother, or both, come.

All classes include Accident Insurance , and Civil Liability Insurance .

• Hours : Saturdays at 11:00 AM.

• Material : we put the boards, and the protections, it is mandatory that you bring a helmet; And if you have all the material, board, helmet, and protections, the class will be cheaper.

Location : Near the Fountain of El Ángel Caído, in El Retiro Park.

Duration : one hour per class.

• Contact : Jacobo 647066320.

Try our group class for children, you will repeat for sure!