Evolve your surfing or your surfskate with us, the first Surfskate School in Spain .

This individual surfskate class in Palmar is aimed at surfers of all levels who prefer to train individually. They can be a maximum of two people, if they are 3 people or more it would already be a Group Class that would be cheaper.

In the individual surfskate classes in Palmar you can learn from scratch or learn or polish surf maneuvers that you are having a hard time doing in the water.

You will learn to generate speed with your body, as you should on your surfboard, to perform bottom and top turns correctly, such as Snaps, Cutbacks, Cutback Roundhouse and laybacks .

If you prefer a different schedule than the ones we offer here, please contact us and we will organize it without any problem.

All classes include Accident Insurance , and Civil Liability Insurance .

Try the individual surfskate class in Palmar, you will repeat for sure!