Are you looking for group surf lessons in Palmar? We have what you need! Our Group Surf Lessons are designed for groups of at least three people and last 2 hours. The best of all is that we provide you with all the material you need: board, neoprene, and the professionalism of our experienced instructors. In addition, all classes include liability and accident insurance, so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest without worries.

Booking a class online is very easy. In our calendar you can choose a specific day and select between four class schedules available each day. Keep in mind that schedules may vary depending on sea conditions, as we will always look for the best tide point so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

You can also choose the number of students you will be and you will see the total price before making the reservation. To avoid duplicate reservations, you will have 15 minutes to pay for the reservation (you will see a timer at the bottom right).

If you still prefer the bonus option of several group surf classes .

Our Surf School in El Palmar is located just 50 meters from the beach , which makes it a very comfortable and accessible option; and has 250 square meters decorated with great style , giving the impression of being in Indonesia or Costa Rica, a small oasis in Palmar. We also have a shower, changing table, bathroom, locker to leave your personal belongings when we go to the water, and a parking lot right next door. Without a doubt, the most beautiful, spacious and comfortable school in El Palmar.

In our basic level group surf classes in Palmar we use soft boards, also known as corchopanes, from the Flowt brand. For school wetsuits we have chosen an organic brand, Wildsuits. You will collect the material at our school, where we will prepare everything for you so that you can enjoy the beach and the water without worrying about anything.

Let us help you improve your surfing technique and we assure you that you will leave feeling like you have evolved. Our surf classes and courses at Palmar are unique, and our Google reviews speak for themselves. Don't hesitate and reserve your place today!