Take your surfing to the next level with our advanced level Surfskate Group Classes, discover the benefits of training with the first Surfskate School in Spain .

The Advanced Level Group Surfskate Class that we teach in the Retiro Park is aimed at riders who are already autonomous with their surfskate and understand the class as part of their training to be fit for surfing. In it we have already begun to work on inclined planes and use slopes from the park. We will always continue correcting mistakes, postures, vices, internalizing the perfect execution of all gestures and maneuvers that we carry out on our surfboard: generating speed, bottom turns, cutbacks, as well as including more advanced maneuvers.

With our unique methodology that we have been developing since 2011, you will advance very quickly and you will also be able to enjoy circuits that we create to simulate real situations that we find ourselves in the water.

You will learn to do:

- Carry out intermediate level maneuvers on an inclined plane

- Snaps and drifts

- Laybacks

It is geared for students ages 12 and up.

All group surfskate classes in Madrid include Accident insurance , and Civil Liability Insurance .

• Hours : Friday at 7:00 p.m.

• Material : we provide the boards, the helmets and the protections; although if you have it and you prefer, you can bring your own material (it will be cheaper).

• Price : €20 if you bring your material (board and protections), €22.50 if you lack protections, €25 if you don't have material, or you lack a board.

Place : Retiro Park.

Duration : one hour per class.

• Contact : 647066320.

Try it, you will surely repeat!